Set up AML AI

AML AI is currently available to select Google Cloud customers. To find out more or sign up to use AML AI, contact your Google Cloud sales representative.

1. Prepare your Google Cloud project Ensure your Google Cloud project is ready to use AML AI. Review the project and the security architecture with your security and compliance teams.
2. Set up AML AI Enable BigQuery, Cloud KMS, and the AML AI API. Set up a customer-managed encryption key (CMEK) to encrypt any data created by AML AI. Create one or more AML AI instances. Set up logging and quotas.
3. Prepare data for AML AI Review the data model and schema. Prioritize which data to include. Collect and transform the necessary core banking data, risk investigation data, and any other data you need. Validate and create a dataset.
4. Generate a model and evaluate performance Configure an engine. Let AML AI train and evaluate a model using your dataset.
5. Generate risk scores and explainability Register your retail and commercial banking customer. Use a model to generate per-party risk scores and explainability for use in these subsequent steps:
  • Additional analysis and review of examples for risk governance
  • Testing and ramp up to production use
6. Prepare for model and risk governance Combine AML AI outputs from tuning, training, evaluation, and prediction with AML concept and product documentation to meet requirements of your model risk governance process.