Google.Cloud.GkeMultiCloud.V1 is a.NET client library for the Anthos Multi-Cloud API.

Note: This documentation is for version 2.6.0 of the library. Some samples may not work with other versions.


Install the Google.Cloud.GkeMultiCloud.V1 package from NuGet. Add it to your project in the normal way (for example by right-clicking on the project in Visual Studio and choosing "Manage NuGet Packages...").


When running on Google Cloud, no action needs to be taken to authenticate.

Otherwise, the simplest way of authenticating your API calls is to set up Application Default Credentials. The credentials will automatically be used to authenticate. See Set up Application Default Credentials for more details.

Getting started

All operations are performed through the following client classes:

Clients in this API must be constructed with a regional endpoint. This can be done easily using the builder for a specific client (AzureClustersClientBuilder for AzureClustersClient for example). The following example shows how to list the Azure clusters for a given project in the us-west1 region.

string region = "us-west1";
AzureClustersClient client = new AzureClustersClientBuilder
    Endpoint = $"{region}"

LocationName location = new LocationName(projectId, region);
PagedEnumerable<ListAzureClustersResponse, AzureCluster> clusters = client.ListAzureClusters(location);
foreach (AzureCluster cluster in clusters)