Check the status of management tasks

This page explains how to check the status of long-running Cloud Domains operations. Checking the status of operations is useful if your operation gets interrupted for some reason.

The procedures in the following table use long-running operations.

gcloud commands API methods
register register
update patch
delete delete
configure contacts configureContactSettings
configure dns configureDnsSettings
configure management configureManagementSettings

Check operation status

To check the status of each operation, complete the following steps.



  • To list all the Cloud Domains operations in a project, use the operations.list method with an empty body:


    Replace PROJECT_ID with the name of your project.

  • To get information about a Cloud Domains operation in a project, use the operations.get method with an empty body:


    Replace the following:

    • PROJECT_ID: the name of your project
    • OPERATION_ID: the ID or fully qualified identifier for the operation that you want to get details for

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