Overview of APIs and Client Libraries

Available interfaces

You can use one of several programmatic interfaces when interacting with Dataproc. These are the available interfaces, in the order that we recommend using them:

  • Google Cloud Client Libraries: Dataproc (alpha and beta release) client libraries are available in multiple languages and are built on gRPC. These client libraries provide a layer of abstraction on top of gRPC and handle the details of operation polling, retries, and more.

  • gRPC: If a client library is not available for your programming language of choice, you can generate gRPC client libraries for Dataproc in any gRPC-supported language. To do this, you'll need the protocol buffers service definition available from our repository on GitHub. You can then follow the instructions for your preferred language on grpc.io to generate and use your client.

  • REST API: If you're unable to use Dataproc's client libraries or the gRPC API, use the REST API.