Use Terraform with Dataform

This document describes Terraform support for Dataform.

Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool that you can use to provision resources and permissions for the following Dataform resources:

For example, you can use Terraform to create and configure Dataform repositories, release configurations, and workflow configurations.

To use Terraform with Dataform, you need to create a configuration file to describe your infrastructure, and then apply the configuration file to create an execution plan and perform operations to provision your infrastructure.

The following table lists Dataform configuration samples that appear in the Terraform registry and in GitHub.

Dataform resource Terraform registry sample
Repository google_dataform_repository
Release configuration google_dataform_repository_release_config
Workflow configuration google_dataform_repository_workflow_config

Manage IAM access in Terraform

You can use Terraform to set and manage the dataform_repository_iam policy for the repository resource.

The following resources help you manage the dataform_repository_iam policy:

For best practices for managing IAM in Terraform, see Manage Identity and Access Management.

What's next

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