Dataform CLI reference

This document describes commands of the open source Dataform command line interface (CLI).

Dataform CLI commands

The open-source Dataform CLI provides commands to initialize, compile, test, and run Dataform core locally, outside of Google Cloud.

Dataform CLI command Description
dataform help Shows help for all Dataform CLI commands.
dataform help [command] Shows help for the specified command.
dataform init [project-dir] Creates a new Dataform project.
dataform install [project-dir] Installs NPM dependencies for the specified Dataform project.
dataform init-creds [project-dir] Creates a .df-credentials.json file for Dataform to use when accessing Google Cloud APIs.
dataform compile [project-dir] Compiles the specified Dataform project. Produces JSON output describing the non-executable graph.
dataform test [project-dir] Runs the specified Dataform project's unit tests on BigQuery.
dataform run [project-dir] Runs the specified Dataform project's scripts on BigQuery.
dataform format [project-dir] Formats the specified Dataform project's files.
--help Shows help [boolean].
--version Shows the version number of the Dataform CLI [boolean].