Review all conversion workspaces


You can review all conversion workspaces from the Conversion workspaces page. The conversion workspaces list presents all conversion workspaces, created by any user, which haven't been deleted.

The conversion workspaces list displays a default set of high-level information for each conversion workspace, including:

  • The conversion workspace display name and ID.
  • The version ID of the most-recent version of the conversion workspace that's saved. By having multiple versions of a conversion workspace, you can compare objects in each workspace and identify differences between the workspaces. Versioning can also be used for tracking purposes.
  • The conversion state that represents whether this conversion workspace was used to pull objects from the source and convert them.
  • Activity indicates if the conversion workspace is in use by one or more active migration jobs, where an active migration job is any migration job that's not in COMPLETED status. The number of jobs next to the status indicates the total number of jobs (both active and inactive) referencing the conversion workspace.
  • The source and destination database engines (database types) for which the conversion workspace is configured.
  • When the conversion workspace was created.