Container-Optimized OS release notes

The following table provides a summary of Container-Optimized OS releases available on Compute Engine:

Active Milestones

OS version Image project x86 image family Arm image family Built by End of support Release notes
COS 113 LTS cos-cloud cos-113-lts cos-arm64-113-lts Google March 2026 milestone 113
COS 109 LTS cos-cloud cos-109-lts cos-arm64-109-lts Google Sept 2025 milestone 109
COS 105 LTS cos-cloud cos-105-lts cos-arm64-105-lts Google March 2025 milestone 105
COS 101 LTS cos-cloud cos-101-lts cos-arm64-101-lts Google Sept 2024 milestone 101

Deprecated Milestones

OS version Image project x86 image family Arm image family Built by Deprecation date Release notes
COS 97 LTS cos-cloud cos-97-lts N/A Google April 2024 milestone 97
COS 93 LTS cos-cloud cos-93-lts N/A Google October 2023 milestone 93
COS 89 LTS cos-cloud cos-89-lts N/A Google March 2023 milestone 89
COS 85 LTS cos-cloud cos-85-lts N/A Google September 2022 milestone 85
COS 81 LTS cos-cloud cos-81-lts N/A Google September 20211 milestone 81
COS 77 LTS cos-cloud cos-77-lts N/A Google April 20211 milestone 77
COS 73 LTS cos-cloud cos-73-lts N/A Google June 2020 milestone 73
COS 69 LTS cos-cloud cos-69-lts N/A Google December 2019 milestone 69
  1. COS 77 LTS and COS 81 LTS, when bundled with GKE, have slightly longer support durations. GKE users should consult the GKE release schedule for details.

Development Release Notes

For release notes related to the milestone under development, see the Development Release Notes page.
For release notes related to cos-dev before M93, see the Legacy Release Notes page.

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