Known issues for Carbon Footprint

This page lists known issues for Carbon Footprint. Addressing these issues is on the roadmap of Carbon Footprint.

You can also check for existing issues or open new issues using the public issue tracker.

Limited coverage of Google Cloud services

Carbon Footprint does not cover all Google Cloud services, see the list of covered services.

Only location-based emissions are reported

Net emissions, after including Google's purchase of clean energy (market-based methodology) are not yet available.

New carbon transfer configs create an off-schedule transfer run

When creating a new Carbon Footprint transfer config to export carbon data to BigQuery, the BigQuery Data Transfer Service will create an initial transfer run for the current date. However, because carbon data is only published on the 15th of the month, this initial transfer run may contain no data.

Transfer configs will automatically export carbon data for future months on the 15th of each month. Historical data can be requested via backfill as described here.