Blockchain Node Engine API


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.

CreateBlockchainNode Creates a new blockchain node in a given project and location.
DeleteBlockchainNode Deletes a single blockchain node.
GetBlockchainNode Gets details of a single blockchain node.
ListBlockchainNodes Lists blockchain nodes in a given project and location.
UpdateBlockchainNode Updates the parameters of a single blockchain node.

GetLocation Gets information about a location.
ListLocations Lists information about the supported locations for this service.


CancelOperation Starts asynchronous cancellation on a long-running operation.
DeleteOperation Deletes a long-running operation.
GetOperation Gets the latest state of a long-running operation.
ListOperations Lists operations that match the specified filter in the request.
WaitOperation Waits until the specified long-running operation is done or reaches at most a specified timeout, returning the latest state.