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How Stairwell uses Bigtable for cybersecurity
Stairwell built an ML-powered cybersecurity platform on Bigtable.

Portto deploys its crypto wallet solution on Google Cloud to provide glitchless user experiences
Portto indexes blockchain data cost-effectively with Bigtable for its Blocto crypto wallet solution.

When Norway introduced compulsory smart meters, Elvia met the data challenge with a solution built on Google Cloud
Elvia, Norway's largest grid provider, manages smart meter IoT data in Bigtable.

Magicpin connects retailers and customers through its digital platform
Magicpin delivers location intelligence for retailers with Bigtable.

FullStory achieves scalability and reliability with Google Cloud
Cloud Storage and Bigtable are the primary sources of data storage for the FullStory product, receiving terabytes of data per day.

Reposit Power has used Google Cloud to guarantee $0 electricity bills
Reposit Power moved its massive time series database to Bigtable and grew 10x in footprint with zero downtime while reducing costs.

Arquivei creates architecture for data democratization with BigQuery and Bigtable
Data tools and product team guidance were major considerations when Arquivei decided to migrate to Google Cloud from another cloud provider.

MainAd moved to Google Cloud for cybersecurity, achieving three times faster time to value for its real-time bidding platform Logico
MainAd relies on Bigtable for high-quality ad retargeting.

SmartCoin began as a consumer lending platform on Google Cloud
SmartCoin's ML feature store runs on Bigtable.

Globo's journey from Cassandra to Bigtable
Globo saved 60% by moving from Apache Cassandra to Bigtable.

Igloo provides more affordable insurance and faster approvals with ML models
Igloo brings IoT and ML data to insurance processing with Bigtable.

Emarsys: Building a real-time data and AI platform with Google Cloud
Emarsys relies on BigQuery and Bigtable to empower AI-driven real-time user interactions.

Teemo builds its drive-to-store advertising platform on Google Cloud to optimize geolocation data analysis
Teemo uses BigQuery and Bigtable to improve omni-channel advertising outcomes.

At Box, a game plan for migrating critical storage services from HBase to Bigtable
Box improved speed of development, saved operational costs, and leveraged analytics tools.

How YouTube uses Bigtable to power one of the world's largest streaming services
YouTube uses Bigtable as a key component within a larger data architecture powering its reporting dashboards and analytics.

Bitly's MySQL to NoSQL journey for performance and scale
Bitly chose Bigtable to transition from MySQL to NoSQL.

How Credit Karma scaled its ML infrastructure with Bigtable and BigQuery
Credit Karma used Bigtable to scale its infrastructure and empower its data scientists to work faster and more efficiently.

Tecton builds its ML platform with Bigtable as its online feature store
Tecton used Bigtable as its online store and leveraged the integrations to build a complete enterprise-grade feature platform.

PLAID's distributed message queue relies on Bigtable to process event streams for truly real-time analytics
PLAID used Bigtable to re-architect its core customer experience platform.

How BidFX manages forex tick data and derived data products in Bigtable for liquidity provision analytics
BidFX uses Bigtable for its LPA product to auto-scale seamlessly with no administrative or maintenance effort.

How Uplight uses Bigtable, BigQuery, Databricks and GKE to deliver analytical insights to energy providers
Uplight uses Bigtable to peak performance in its data platform.

Hashport uses Bigtable to make decentralized finance faster, more scalable and secure
Hashport uses Bigtable for efficient infrastructure management.


Built with BigQuery: Retailers drive profitable growth with SoundCommerce
SoundCommerce builds multi-channel user journeys by streaming user event data from multiple sources into Bigtable.

Lightship VPS: How Niantic's API service works
Niantic uses Bigtable to enable developers to build innovative AR experiences.

How Botify uses BigQuery, Compute Engine, Bigtable to parse 5+ petabytes of web content each month
Botify used Bigtable to crawl websites and come up with actionable insights quickly.

How Google Ads scales personalization with Bigtable
Bigtable is used within Google to support user intent modeling for ad personalization.

Macy's scales up from mainframes to Bigtable to serve demanding e-commerce workloads
Macy's leveraged Google Cloud services to optimize efficiency.

MLB tracks every movement of the ball and each player in real time with Bigtable for better sports analytics
Read about how MLB uses Bigtable to store a constant stream of game data where each season amounts to over 25 terabytes of information.

Moloco handles more than five million ad requests per second with Bigtable
Moloco processes hundreds of billions of bid requests every day with Bigtable, which offers low latency and high scalability when accessing its history data.

Airship chooses Bigtable to empower mobile app developers
Airship's story of how migrating its HBase data to Bigtable saved them hours of HBase management time.

How Choreograph moved from Couchbase to Bigtable for scaling advertising audience solutions
Moving to Bigtable saved Choreograph costs of over 50%.

Lifesight: Building a unified consumer graph with Bigtable and JanusGraph
Lifesight leverages Dataproc and Bigtable to manage petabyte-scale data.

Purplle achieves 75% reduction in production costs while offering personalized experiences
Purplle used Bigtable to serve personalized recommendations to users within milliseconds.

Owlin scales to meet 20X user growth while reducing operational cost by migrating from ElasticSearch to Bigtable
Bigtable helped Owlin scale automatically to handle peak capacity.

How Yubo serves 130,000 daily livestreams to 45 million users with Google Kubernetes Engine and Bigtable
Yubo uses Bigtable to handle large analytical and operational workloads.

Planet delivers geospatial analytics at an unprecedented scale with the help of Bigtable
Planet uses Bigtable to handle data that includes scanning of millions of images each day.

How Bigtable helps Multiscale Health Networks securely host patient health information and consolidate data for entire organizations onto a unified hub
Bigtable securely hosts patient health information for the platform and consolidates data.

Sabre chose Bigtable and Spanner to serve more than 1 billion travelers annually
Bigtable was the right choice to handle Sabre's shopping engine cache that generates millions of itineraries per second on behalf of travelers using mobile apps, third-party travel websites, and airline call centers.

Raycatch: Reducing infrastructure costs for AI-led renewable energy tech by 80%
Raycatch chose Bigtable as its NoSQL database to store incoming information from solar assets and to help them perform sophisticated calculations.

3PM Solutions empowers global brands to manage, protect, and grow revenue through e-commerce using Bigtable and Dataproc
3PM Solutions used Bigtable APIs to migrate its Hadoop data quickly.

Joblift relies on Bigtable's flexible schema and versioning to match candidates to available jobs
Bigtable was Joblift's choice to manage its candidate data inventory.


Why Ricardo chose Bigtable to complement BigQuery
Bigtable helped Ricardo save 13% net cost when using BigQuery.

How Wunderkind scales up to 200k requests per second using Google Cloud
Bigtable played an important role in helping Wunderkind scale efficiently.

BlaBlaCar matches 90 million drivers and passengers in 22 countries with Bigtable
BlaBlaCar used Bigtable to handle growing data and provide ease of integration with BigQuery.

Broadcom migrates from HBase to Bigtable for security analytics
Broadcom migrated from HBase to Bigtable.

How Bigtable helps Ravelin detect retail fraud with low latency
Bigtable's ability to ingest large volumes of data and ease of accessing data helped Ravelin.

Kaiko builds a financial market data platform using Bigtable and Memorystore
Kaiko used Bigtable and Memorystore to support and manage 50 million daily transactions.


Migrating our cloud infrastructure to Google Cloud
Sift Engineering migrated Google Cloud and evaluated and adopted Bigtable.

Ecobee reduces operational cost and reduces query latencies by 10x for Smart Home platform
Ecobee optimized Google Cloud costs by using Bigtable.

Modernizing Twitter's ad engagement analytics platform
By leveraging Bigtable's linear scalability and extremely low latency for data access, Twitter's serving system's P99 latencies decreased from more than two seconds to 300 ms.

How OpenX serves over 150 billion ad requests per day
OpenX optimized operational cost using Bigtable and Memorystore together.

Algolia explains how its real-time personalization engine leverages Bigtable
Algolia designed its Bigtable schema to process and store billions of events, allowing them to scale personalization.


Bigtable brings database stability and performance to Precognitive
Precognitive solved its scaling issues, reduced request latency, and saved time by moving to Bigtable.

Aclima gathers billions of data points to support better environmental decision-making
Aclima used data residing in Bigtable to train a model to serve online predictions.


Developing a JanusGraph-backed service on Google Cloud
Setting up a JanusGraph service that stores graph data in Bigtable solves a graph problem.

Bigtable: Storing protobuf bytes in one column versus splitting the content into column families/qualifiers
Travel Audience evaluated the performance impact of splitting protocol buffer data into multiple columns in Bigtable.


Why Ravelin moved from DynamoDB to Bigtable
Ravelin was motivated to move from DynamoDB to Bigtable.

How we moved our historical stats from MySQL to Bigtable with zero downtime
Fastly migrated its Historical Stats API database from MySQL to Bigtable.

How WePay uses stream analytics for real-time fraud detection using Google Cloud and Apache Kafka
WePay deploys a stream analytics pipeline for fraud detection, which gives them answers to queries in near-real time without affecting its main transactional business system. The pipeline uses several Google Cloud services, including Bigtable and Dataflow.

How Qubit deduplicates streaming data at scale with Google Cloud
Qubit uses Bigtable and Google Cloud to dedupe messages at scale, with no self-managed components.

Scaling exactEarth's satellite vessel-tracking service using GeoMesa on Google Cloud
Data services company exactEarth uses Bigtable and Google Cloud to scale its solution for global geospatial analytics.

Big Data Processing at Spotify: The Road to Scio
Spotify builds data pipelines by integrating Scio with several Google Cloud services, including Dataflow and Bigtable, which Spotify uses for large-scale batch jobs.


Bigtable paper earns the SIGOPS 2016 Hall of Fame Award
The 2006 paper "Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data" earned a SIGOPS award.

Financial services firm processes 25 billion stock market events per hour with Bigtable
FIS load-tested Bigtable's ability to process simulated market events.

Energyworx analyzes petabytes of smart meter data with Bigtable, Dataflow, and BigQuery
Energyworx decided to use Bigtable and Google Cloud to handle its time series data.


Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data
Google published an academic paper describing Bigtable's design, implementation, and data model, presented at the 7th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation in 2006.


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Bringing the Cloud to the 4th Industrial Revolution - Presented by Oden Technologies
Internet of Things (IoT) NY #51 2018


Bigtable with Ian Lewis
Interview with Ian Lewis, a Google Cloud Developer Advocate based in Tokyo, about Bigtable.

Server Density with David Mytton
The CEO and founder of Server Density, a scalable infrastructure monitoring software company, talks about its experience migrating from on-premises MongoDB to Bigtable.