Package google.identity.accesscontextmanager.type



The encryption state of the device.

ENCRYPTION_UNSPECIFIED The encryption status of the device is not specified or not known.
ENCRYPTION_UNSUPPORTED The device does not support encryption.
UNENCRYPTED The device supports encryption, but is currently unencrypted.
ENCRYPTED The device is encrypted.


The degree to which the device is managed by the Cloud organization.

MANAGEMENT_UNSPECIFIED The device's management level is not specified or not known.
NONE The device is not managed.
BASIC Basic management is enabled, which is generally limited to monitoring and wiping the corporate account.
COMPLETE Complete device management. This includes more thorough monitoring and the ability to directly manage the device (such as remote wiping). This can be enabled through the Android Enterprise Platform.


The operating system type of the device.

OS_UNSPECIFIED The operating system of the device is not specified or not known.
DESKTOP_MAC A desktop Mac operating system.
DESKTOP_WINDOWS A desktop Windows operating system.
DESKTOP_LINUX A desktop Linux operating system.
DESKTOP_CHROME_OS A desktop ChromeOS operating system.
ANDROID An Android operating system.
IOS An iOS operating system.