Upgrade an existing application

You must upgrade your applications to the latest supported runtime version to continue receiving security updates and be eligible for technical support.

The process of upgrading an existing app depends on the runtime version that your app currently uses:

  • Python 2.7 (first-generation runtime): You must migrate your app to the latest supported Python version. Python 2.7 has reached end of support on January 31, 2024. Your existing Python 2.7 applications will continue to run and receive traffic. However, App Engine might block re-deployment of applications that use runtimes after their end of support date. To migrate from Python 2.7 to the latest supported version of Python, see Migrate to the Python 3 runtime.

  • Python second-generation runtimes (after end of support): To upgrade to a supported version of Python, update the app.yaml file by specifying a version of Python that you want your app to run. For example:

      runtime: pythonVERSION

    Where VERSION is the Python MAJOR and MINOR version numbers. For example, to use the latest Python version, Python 3.12, specify 312. For more information, see the Python runtime overview.