Setting up the command-line environment

Configure the command-line tools to connect to and interact with Knative serving.

These steps assume you are using a Mac or Linux operating system. If you are using Microsoft Windows, you need to adjust the commands.

Although you can choose to use the Google Cloud console to manage Knative serving, there are some tasks that require the command-line tools.

To install and configure the command-line tools for Knative serving:

  1. Install and initialize the Google Cloud CLI.

  2. Configure the Google Cloud CLI defaults:

    1. Set your default Google Cloud project:

      gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID

      Replace PROJECT_ID with the ID of your Google Cloud project.

    2. Set the target platform:

      gcloud config set run/platform gke
    3. Set the location of your cluster:

      gcloud config set run/cluster_location ZONE_REGION

      Replace ZONE_REGION with the zone or region of your cluster.

    4. If you created and use a new namespace other than the default namespace, you can set that namespace as the default in Google Cloud CLI so that it's used each time you run a command:

      gcloud config set run/namespace NAMESPACE

      Replace NAMESPACE with the name of the namespace that you want the gcloud CLI tool to use by default.

  3. Install the kubectl command-line tool:

    gcloud components install kubectl
  4. Optional: Ensure that all previously installed components are up-to-date:

    gcloud components update