Knative serving in the Google Cloud console

Knative serving is Google's managed and fully supported Knative offering. Knative serving abstracts away the complexity of Kubernetes, making it easy to build and deploy your serverless workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Accessing Knative serving

The Knative serving button is located under Kubernetes Engine > Applications. All of your Knative serving services are listed on this page.

In the Google Cloud console, go to the Knative serving page.

Go to Knative serving

What's new and changed

Product specific support

Knative serving is now available as a separate experience from the managed Cloud Run product. The new Knative serving page supports only your Knative serving services. Any of your services for the managed Cloud Run product continue to be available from the Cloud Run page in the Google Cloud console.

Cluster requirements

The prerequisites for Knative serving have changed to require that you must first create and configure your GKE clusters. You are no longer able to create clusters from within the Knative serving page in the Google Cloud console.

For more information about supported clusters and configuration requirements, see GKE clusters.

Note that Cloud Service Mesh will be the recommended and fully supported service mesh for your Knative serving services. Cloud Service Mesh requires that your clusters use a machine type that has at least 4 vCPUs, such as e2-standard-4. If you need to change your cluster's machine type, see Migrating workloads to different machine types.