Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB

Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB recognizes partner solutions that have met a core set of requirements to ensure the best possible integration between the partner product and AlloyDB. Validated partner products enable existing and prospective customers to discover and use proven partner products. Now AlloyDB customers can save time on evaluating new tools, and focus on building solutions using partner products that have been proven through a rigorous validation process to work optimally with AlloyDB.

How does Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB work?

Our AlloyDB validation initiative lets partners work with Google Cloud Engineering teams and validate their integrations with AlloyDB to ensure the best possible customer experience. Our AlloyDB initiative has three phases:

  • Evaluate: Google Cloud Engineering teams work with partners to run a series of data integration tests in a sandbox and production environment and compare results against best practices and performance benchmarks.

  • Enhance: We take the results of the Evaluate phase and work with our partners to fill in the gaps, if any.

  • Enable: Together with our partners, we refine existing documentation to make sure our mutual customers have everything they need to successfully implement a solution using our integrated products.

Scope of the program and partner benefits

When partners sign up for this initiative, Google Cloud Engineering teams work with partners to validate the quality of their AlloyDB integration. Partners can then work on addressing any identified gaps or areas for improvement. After the partner integration is validated, we recognize the partner with the designation Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB.

The initiative benefits partners by providing a comprehensive review of their software to ensure that they are following best practices and identifying areas for improvement.

The following is a list of the benefits offered to participating independent software vendors (ISVs):

  • Increased customer confidence in partner solutions validated to work with AlloyDB.
  • Partner Badging and Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB designation.
  • Priority placement and recognition on the Google Cloud AlloyDB Partner page.
  • Support for GTM activities in addition to those available through the standard Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. These additional benefits include joint blogs, PR, workshops, webinars and more.
  • Access to Google Cloud Partner Engineering and AlloyDB product teams for joint roadmap development and exclusive feature release previews.
  • Early access to AlloyDB material and support for creating best practice guides, solution briefs, and joint reference architecture.

How are partners selected for validation?

Partners that are interested in initiative participation need to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Partner products should include a production-quality AlloyDB integration or be willing to work with us to build one.
  • Partners should be a registered Google Cloud partner at Partner Tier. If not already a Google Cloud partner, sign up before applying.
  • Partners should be willing to work with the Google Cloud Engineering team to test and validate the connector or build one following the best practices.

Partners can apply in the Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB Initiative Interest form for validating their product and after an application is submitted, the cloud partner engineering team coordinates their validation. If you don't have an existing integration and are willing to work with us on it, you can still apply Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB Initiative Interest form.

Become a Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB partner

Eligible Google Cloud partners can participate in the Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB initiative to qualify and promote their solutions by meeting the requirements based on how the partner product is categorized.

Categories include:

Each category requires successful completion of category-specific integration and interoperability testing.

If you are already a Google Cloud partner and are interested in participating in this initiative, contact your Partner Manager, apply directly from the Partner Advantage Portal, or by filling out this form. If you are not already a Google Cloud partner, you can start the application process by completing our enrollment form. If you have any questions related to the initiative, contact us.

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