Class PromptTemplate (1.50.0)

PromptTemplate(template: str)

A prompt template for creating prompts with placeholders.

The PromptTemplate class allows users to define a template string with placeholders represented in curly braces {placeholder}. The placeholder names cannot contain spaces. These placeholders can be replaced with specific values using the assemble method, providing flexibility in generating dynamic prompts.

Example Usage:

    template_str = "Hello, {name}! Today is {day}. How are you?"
    prompt_template = PromptTemplate(template_str)
    completed_prompt = prompt_template.assemble(name="John", day="Monday")

A set of placeholder names from the template string.



PromptTemplate(template: str)

Initializes the PromptTemplate with a given template.

Name Description
template str

The template string with placeholders. Placeholders should be represented in curly braces {placeholder}.


__repr__() -> str

Returns a string representation of the PromptTemplate.


__str__() -> str

Returns the template string.


assemble(**kwargs) -> vertexai.preview.evaluation.prompt_template.PromptTemplate

Replaces only the provided placeholders in the template with specific values.