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Write a marketing announcement highlighting product features.

You can query a model directly and test the results returned when using different parameter values with the Cloud console, or by calling the Vertex AI API directly.

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Generate a marketing pitch from the product description below in 1 paragraph. Use only information from the provided text.

The all-pro Google Pixel 7 phone. The most powerful Google Pixel yet.

Explore the phone A refined design, made with recycled materials. Google Tensor G2 for even more power. Google's pro-level camera system. Everyday moments made easier. Titan M2 helps keep you and your info safe. 10-120Hz Smooth Display with LTPO 6.7" QHD+ display Pro-level triple rear camera system Polished enclosure made from 100% recycled aluminum

View more Processor Google Tensor G2 for even more power. Pixel's newest powerful processor is custom built with Google AI and makes Pixel 7 Pro faster, more efficient, and more secure. And it delivers even more helpful features and the best photo and video quality yet. Learn more Photography and video Google's pro-level camera system. From snowflakes to landscapes, the powerful triple camera system adds drama and detail to all your photos and videos.

Triple rear camera system 12 MP ultrawide lens 50 MP wide lens 48 MP telephoto lens See the specs and discover how the camera helps you capture the moment beautifully from virtually any distance.

Super Res Zoom for crisp details from far away. With 30x Super Res Zoom (a Pixel 7 Pro exclusive), get high-quality photos from a distance. Macro Focus finds beauty in the details. Even your tiniest subjects look extraordinary – raindrops, rose petals, or a blade of grass.

Pixel 7 Pro Exclusive

Cinematic Blur adds more drama to your videos. Keep your subject in focus and blur the background for a dramatic effect. Photography and video Feel seen with Real Tone. Real Tone represents the nuances of more skin tones beautifully, authentically, and more accurately, even in low-light photography. Learn more Improve photos from any camera with Photo Unblur. Guided Frame makes selfies more accessible.

Performance Helpful features, throughout your day. Pixel 7 Pro is helpful all around, with a long-lasting battery and so much more. What you need, when you need it. At a Glance shows you useful info at the right time, like weather alerts, a package delivery at the door, or an event reminder. Performance The new car keys. Ultra-Wideband technology measures range and direction, so you can use your phone as a key to unlock your car as you approach. The technology also enables Nearby Share, letting you share photos and files simply by pointing your phone. Translate languages in real time. Goodbye noise. Hello Clear Calling. A battery that lasts up to 72 hours. Protection The highest rating for security. Google's certified Titan M2 chip is tested against some of the same rigorous protection guidelines trusted for identity, SIM cards, and bank card security chips. Built-in VPN for extra protection online. With a VPN by Google One built in, Pixel helps protect your online activity no matter what app or web browser you use.

Protection Titan M2 helps keep you and your info safe. With Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 security chip, Pixel is built with multiple layers of hardware security to help keep your personal info safe. The Personal Safety app brings more peace of mind. Unlock with a glance or a tap.

Best Phone of 2022 "Simply brilliant at everything it does" "Google's best phone ever" "Best smartphone camera!" "The best phones you can get for the money"


The Google Pixel 7 Pro is the most powerful Pixel yet, featuring a refined design with recycled materials, a custom-built Google Tensor G2 processor for speed and efficiency, and Google's pro-level camera system. Capture stunning photos and videos with the triple rear camera system, including a 48MP telephoto lens for Super Res Zoom and Macro Focus. Enjoy helpful features like At a Glance, real-time language translation, and Clear Calling. The Pixel 7 Pro also boasts a long-lasting battery, a built-in VPN, and the highest security rating with Titan M2 for peace of mind. Experience the best phone of 2022, with a powerful processor, incredible camera, and advanced security features.
Model: gemini-1.5-flash-001
Temperature: 0.2
Max output tokens: 1024
TopK: 40
TopP: 0.95