Ad copy

Write ad copy for different topics from a product description.

You can query a model directly and test the results returned when using different parameter values with the Cloud console, or by calling the Vertex AI API directly.

Prompt Freeform

For each of the following categories, create 3 one-sentence ad copies using the product description provided.


  • Scarcity
  • Loss-Aversion
  • Appeal to Ego
  • Exclusivity
  • Gain-Seeking
  • Luxury
  • Social Proof
  • Influencer Proof
  • Positive Association
  • Negative Association

Product description: "Chromecast is a device that allows users to wirelessly cast their content from other devices, so they can watch their favorite movies, TV shows, photos, websites, and more on their TV. Chromecast can display content from Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones & iPads, Windows and Mac laptops, and the Chromebook Pixel."


Chromecast Ad Copies:


  1. Don't miss out! Limited-time offer on Chromecast, the device that transforms your TV into a streaming powerhouse.
  2. Act fast! Chromecast is flying off the shelves. Get yours before they're gone.
  3. Last chance! This weekend only, enjoy incredible savings on Chromecast and unlock a world of entertainment.


  1. Imagine missing out on your favorite shows because you don't have Chromecast. Don't let that happen!
  2. Don't settle for a limited TV experience. Upgrade to Chromecast and unlock endless possibilities.
  3. Stop missing out on the latest movies and shows. Get Chromecast and never be left behind again.

Appeal to Ego:

  1. Elevate your entertainment experience with Chromecast. Be the envy of your friends with the ultimate streaming device.
  2. Show off your tech savvy with Chromecast. The ultimate device for the modern entertainment enthusiast.
  3. Experience the future of entertainment with Chromecast. Be a trendsetter and enjoy the best streaming experience.


  1. Join the elite group of Chromecast users and enjoy a world of exclusive content and features.
  2. Experience the difference with Chromecast. A device designed for those who demand the best.
  3. Unlock a world of premium entertainment with Chromecast. A device for the discerning viewer.


  1. Get more from your TV with Chromecast. Stream endless movies, shows, and more, all wirelessly.
  2. Unlock a world of entertainment with Chromecast. Enjoy unlimited streaming possibilities at your fingertips.
  3. Experience the freedom of wireless streaming with Chromecast. Watch what you want, when you want.


  1. Indulge in the ultimate entertainment experience with Chromecast. Stream in stunning clarity and enjoy unparalleled convenience.
  2. Experience the luxury of effortless streaming with Chromecast. Enjoy a seamless and immersive entertainment experience.
  3. Upgrade your TV to a world of luxury with Chromecast. Enjoy the best in streaming technology and design.

Social Proof:

  1. Millions of users worldwide are enjoying the power of Chromecast. Join the revolution and experience the difference.
  2. Don't just take our word for it. See what millions of satisfied Chromecast users are saying.
  3. The most popular streaming device in the world. Chromecast is the choice of millions.

Influencer Proof:

  1. Top tech influencers rave about Chromecast. See why they're obsessed with the ultimate streaming device.
  2. Trusted by the best. Chromecast is the go-to streaming device for tech experts and influencers.
  3. Get the inside scoop on Chromecast from your favorite tech influencers. See why they love it.

Positive Association:

  1. Chromecast: Your gateway to a world of endless entertainment, convenience, and joy.
  2. Experience the magic of Chromecast. Stream your favorite content with ease and enjoy a world of possibilities.
  3. Chromecast: The perfect companion for your TV, bringing you closer to the entertainment you love.

Negative Association:

  1. Tired of limited TV options? Ditch the cable box and experience the freedom of Chromecast.
  2. Stop settling for a clunky and outdated TV experience. Upgrade to Chromecast and enjoy a seamless and modern solution.
  3. Don't let your TV hold you back. Chromecast unlocks a world of possibilities and eliminates the limitations of traditional TV.
Model: gemini-1.5-flash-001
Temperature: 0.2
Max output tokens: 2048
TopK: 40
TopP: 0.95