Meme ideas

Come up with funny ideas for memes.

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Prompt Freeform

Give me some dog meme ideas:


Dog Meme Ideas:

General Doggy Shenanigans:

  • "Me trying to explain to my dog why he can't eat the entire couch" - Picture of a dog looking guilty with a piece of couch in its mouth.
  • "When you're trying to be a good boy but your tail is just too excited" - Picture of a dog wagging its tail so hard it's almost falling over.
  • "Me trying to get out of bed on a Monday morning vs. my dog trying to get out of bed on any day" - Two pictures, one of a person looking tired and one of a dog looking excited and ready to go.
  • "When you're trying to take a nap but your dog insists on cuddling" - Picture of a dog snuggled up on a person's lap while they try to sleep.
  • "My dog's reaction to me leaving the house vs. my dog's reaction to me coming home" - Two pictures, one of a sad dog and one of a very happy dog.

Dog Breeds & Stereotypes:

  • "Golden Retrievers: Always happy, always hungry, always ready for a cuddle" - Picture of a Golden Retriever looking adorable and smiling.
  • "Huskies: They're not actually dogs, they're wolves in disguise" - Picture of a Husky looking mischievous and wild.
  • "Poodles: They're the most elegant dogs, but they're also the most dramatic" - Picture of a Poodle looking offended or upset.
  • "Chihuahuas: They're tiny, but they think they're big" - Picture of a Chihuahua barking aggressively at something much larger than itself.
  • "Bulldogs: They're just big, wrinkly babies" - Picture of a Bulldog looking cute and cuddly.

Dog Behavior & Reactions:

  • "When you finally get your dog to sit still for a picture" - Picture of a dog looking perfectly posed, but with a mischievous glint in its eye.
  • "My dog's reaction to me opening the fridge" - Picture of a dog looking hopeful and expectant.
  • "When you're trying to eat your dinner but your dog is giving you the puppy dog eyes" - Picture of a dog looking up at its owner with big, pleading eyes.
  • "When your dog is trying to tell you something but you have no idea what it is" - Picture of a dog barking and wagging its tail, looking confused.
  • "When you're trying to explain to your dog that it's not allowed on the couch, but it just doesn't understand" - Picture of a dog looking confused and innocent while sitting on the couch.


  • "Doggo vs. Hooman" - Use this as a caption for any picture that shows the difference in how dogs and humans react to the same situation.
  • "I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm here for it" - Use this caption for any picture of a dog looking confused or amused.
  • "This is my life now" - Use this caption for any picture of a dog doing something silly or unexpected.

Remember to use relevant and funny pictures to make your memes even better!

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