Classify text

Label short-form text with custom categories using examples.

You can query a model directly and test the results returned when using different parameter values with the Cloud console, or by calling the Vertex AI API directly.

Define the categories for the text below. Options:

  • outdoor
  • health
  • aviation
  • cycling
  • automotive
  • fitness
  • marine
  • fish and hunt

Please only print the category name without anything else.

Examples Structured

Text Categories
When shopping for chartplotters that will work well with your unit, there are three factors to consider. fish and hunt, marine
Whether you're planning short weekend getaways or longer cross-country adventures, bring a variety of tools to help plan your RV trip. automotive, outdoor
The skipper of the A Team, John, is on a mission to win the Vendée Globe ocean race. He's relying on his team to help. marine
Are you sleeping better or worse than your peers? New data from recent smart watches show average sleep scores — and where yours may fit in. health
When Idaho State Highway 21 was closed by an avalanche, Mark and Kim Nero were stranded. They shared the story of how they got out. automotive, outdoor


Text Categories
The ways to practice self-care with a fitness watch are almost limitless, but here are six easy-to-implement tips to start today. fitness
Model: gemini-1.5-flash-001
Temperature: 0.2
Max output tokens: 256
TopK: 40
TopP: 0.95