Classify help tickets

Label help tickets with custom categories using examples.

You can query a model directly and test the results returned when using different parameter values with the Cloud console, or by calling the Vertex AI API directly.

Multi-choice problem: Define the category of the ticket? Categories:

  • Credit card
  • Bank account services
  • Loans and Mortgages

Please only print the category name without anything else.

Examples Structured

Ticket Category
I lost my credit card numbered 12345. Can you help with deactivating the card? Credit card
I would like to change the address associated with my account. I have been calling the bank multiple times but couldn't get through. Please help me. Bank account services
good morning my name is xxxx xxxx and i appreciate it if you could help me put a stop to chase bank cardmember services. I wrote to chase asking for debt verification and what they sent me a statement which is not acceptable i am asking the bank to validate the debt instead i been receiving mail every month from them attempting to collect a debt i have a right to know this information as a consumer chase account xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx thanks in advance for your help Loans and Mortgages


Ticket Category
my grand son give me check for i deposit it into my chase account after fund clear my chase bank closed my account never paid me my money they said they need to speak with my grand son check was clear money was taking by my chase bank refuse to pay me my money my grand son called chase times they told him i should call not him to verify the check owner he is out the country most the time date happen check number xxxx claim number is xxxx with chase Bank account services
Model: gemini-1.5-flash-001
Temperature: 0.2
Max output tokens: 256
TopK: 40
TopP: 0.95