Profile a single data asset in test mode

If you want to test the discovery service, you can profile a single data asset in test mode.

Supported resources

You can configure test mode for the following resource types:

  • BigQuery table
  • Cloud SQL table
  • Cloud Storage bucket


For pricing information, see Test-mode pricing.

Differences between profiling in test mode and standard profiling

Test mode differs from standard profiling in the following ways:

  • Test mode is available only in project view.
  • A test-mode discovery configuration lets you profile only one data asset.
  • You can create many test-mode discovery configurations for different data assets in a project. For each data asset, you can have only one test-mode discovery configuration.
  • To prevent unintended consumption of test-mode runs, reprofiling is disabled by default for test-mode discovery configurations. That is, a data profile that was generated in test mode isn't reprofiled automatically. You can change these settings by editing the profiling frequency in your test-mode discovery configuration.

Create a test-mode discovery configuration

To create a test-mode discovery configuration, follow the instructions for creating a project-level scan configuration.

When you're prompted to select a resource to scan, select Scan one table or Scan bucket, depending on the data source you are configuring discovery for. Then, enter the details of the table or bucket.

Profile regeneration

Sensitive Data Protection reprofiles data as described in Frequency of data profile generation. You can customize the profiling frequency in your scan configuration by creating a schedule. To force the discovery service to reprofile your data, see Force a reprofile operation.