Risk Manager conceptual overview

This topic provides a conceptual overview of Risk Manager. Risk Manager is a component of the Risk Protection Program (RPP).

Risk Manager is a Google Cloud security tool that offers insight into your organization's technical risk posture. It lets you generate reports to profile risk across your organization. You can generate a view of your organization's risk posture and understand where to focus your investments to reduce risk. Risk Manager integrates with other Google Cloud tools like Security Command Center to provide fast remediation of risk.

Risk Manager simplifies the process of obtaining cyber insurance by sending reports to select insurance partners. By sharing Risk Manager reports, you'll have access to cyber insurance designed specifically for Google Cloud customers, with potentially lower premiums. Learn more about the Cloud Protection+ offered by our insurance partners.

Risk Manager reports

A report is an organization-level object that aggregates information from various sources like Cloud Asset Inventory and Security Command Center to build an aggregate view of risk across your organization. These reports are aligned to the CIS Google Cloud Computing Foundations Benchmark v1.0.0. For more information on this framework, see Vulnerabilties findings.

Risk Manager gives you the ability to create ad hoc reports or schedule reports to be automatically created on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Report sharing and approval

Before sharing your data with our insurance carrier partners, you can invite other members of your organization to review and approve reports directly within Risk Manager.

You always have control over your data and when to send a report to our insurance partners. Your data will never be sent to them until you explicitly do so through the Google Cloud console.

Sending a report to our insurance partners will prompt them to generate a quote for cyber insurance coverage. Engage with your insurance broker to continue the insurance conversation.

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