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Component billed Price (USD)
Hourly charge for each tunnel attached to the gateway.

HA VPN only: For 99.99% availability, you must configure two tunnels, or, if working with an AWS peer gateway, four tunnels.
IPsec traffic You are charged as follows:
  • If the Cloud VPN tunnel connects to another Cloud VPN gateway, you are charged egress pricing as described in VM-VM egress pricing within Google Cloud. If the source and destination Cloud VPN gateways are in the same Google Cloud region, egress traffic is billed as traffic between zones in the same region.
  • If the Cloud VPN tunnel connects to a VPN gateway outside of Google Cloud, you are charged as described in Internet egress rates.
External IP address for VPN gateway You are charged as described in IP address pricing.

An external IP address is charged only if it is not being used by a VPN tunnel.