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Medical Imaging Suite

Accelerate development of AI for medical imaging by making imaging data accessible, interoperable, and useful.

  • Support convergence of diverse storage formats to the DICOM standard

  • Seamless integration with on-premises storage via NetApp or Change Healthcare cloud-native PACS

  • AI-assisted annotation environment powered by NVIDIA and the MONAI open framework

  • Support healthcare-specific security and compliance


Accelerate imaging diagnostics with interoperability

Use the same tools that power Google to reduce time and resources to deliver scalable AI/ML.

Enable faster diagnoses and increase productivity

Better imaging interoperability can help speed up diagnoses, alleviate physician burnout, and increase efficiency of care delivery.

Help improve access to better patient care

Transform disease detection and diagnosis by prioritizing critical cases, augmenting treatment decisions, or expanding screenings in underserved areas to improve patient outcomes.

Key features

Transform imaging diagnostics with Google Cloud’s Medical Imaging Suite

Imaging storage

Cloud Healthcare API allows easy and secure data exchange using the international DICOMweb standard for imaging. The Cloud Healthcare API provides a fully managed, highly scalable, enterprise-grade development environment and includes value-added capabilities, such as automated DICOM de-identification. Imaging technology partners include NetApp for seamless on-prem to cloud data management and Change Healthcare, a cloud-native enterprise imaging PACS in clinical use by radiologists.

Imaging lab

Helps automate the highly manual and repetitive task of labeling medical images with AI-assisted annotation tools from NVIDIA and MONAI offers native integration with any DICOMweb viewer.

Imaging datasets and dashboards

Enables organizations to view and search petabytes of imaging data to perform advanced analytics and create training datasets with zero operational overhead using BigQuery and Looker.

Imaging AI pipelines

Accelerates development of scalable AI models, with 80% fewer lines of code required for custom modeling with Vertex AI.

Imaging deployment

Offers flexible options for cloud, on-premises, or edge deployment to allow organizations to meet diverse sovereignty, data security, and privacy requirements while providing centralized management and policy enforcement with Google Distributed Cloud, enabled by Anthos.

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"By complementing our expertise in diagnostics and AI with Google Cloud's expertise in AI, deep learning, and their cloud-based technologies for imaging storage, we're evolving our market-leading technology to improve cervical cancer diagnostics."

Michael Quick, Vice President of Research and Development, Innovation at Hologic

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