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Cloud Data Loss Prevention (now part of Sensitive Data Protection)

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (Cloud DLP) is now part of Sensitive Data Protection, a family of services designed to help you discover, classify, and protect your most sensitive data.

Sensitive Data Protection includes data discovery, inspection, de-identification, data risk analysis, and the DLP API.

  • Take charge of your data on or off cloud
  • Gain visibility into sensitive data risk across your entire organization

  • Reduce data risk with obfuscation and de-identification methods like masking and tokenization

  • Seamlessly inspect and transform structured and unstructured data

Key features

Key features

Automated sensitive data discovery and classification

Discover sensitive data by profiling every BigQuery table and column across your entire organization, select organization folders, or individual projects. Powerful and easy-to-use UI available in the cloud console. Use table and column profiles to inform your security, privacy, and compliance posture. Choose from 150+ predefined detectors or add your own custom types, adjust detection thresholds, and create detection rules to fit your needs and reduce noise.

Sensitive data intelligence for security assessments

With direct feeds into Chronicle and Security Command Center, you can leverage sensitive data intelligence to reduce noise and prioritize threats, vulnerabilities, and security investigations. 

De-identification, masking, tokenization, and bucketing

Sensitive Data Protection helps you take a data-centric approach to securing your assets. De-identification enables you to transform your data to reduce data risk while retaining data utility. Additionally you can use insights to apply column-level, fine-grained access or dynamic masking policies.

Powerful and flexible masking of your AI/ML workloads

Sensitive Data Protection provides tools to classify and de-identify specific sensitive elements within your data. This fine-grained data minimization can help you prepare data for AI model training or protect customer identifiers in chats, feedback, AI prompts, and generated responses to ensure you adhere to regulations and internal policies.

Cover use cases anywhere, on or off cloud with the DLP API

Cloud Data Loss Prevention and the DLP API are part of Sensitive Data Protection. Use the DLP API’s built-in support for various Google Cloud services. Additionally, the DLP API’s in-line content methods enable support for additional data sources, custom workloads, and applications on or off cloud.



Pricing for Sensitive Data Protection is based on total bytes processed with rate schedules based on total volume. You can try Sensitive Data Protection for free using the monthly free tier.