Overview of Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp and Google Cloud have partnered to offer Cloud Volumes ONTAP, a data-management layer that runs on Google Cloud infrastructure to enable enhanced control, data protection, mobility and agility for business application data.


With NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you get:

  • Cloud Manager, the console that you use to deploy, manage, and automate Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances across the hybrid multi-cloud.
  • Consistent enterprise-grade storage across your hybrid cloud platforms.
  • Built-in disaster recovery, backup, and ransomware protection.

Use cases

Use NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP to do the following:

  • Seamlessly migrate enterprise applications without reengineering.
  • Create company-wide file shares with simultaneous NFS and CIFS/SMB access and iSCSI block storage for Compute Engine instances with scalability up to 368TB.
  • Automate persistent storage provisioning for your Kubernetes clusters.
  • Accelerate CI/CD cycles with instant, zero-capacity data replication.
  • Reduce storage costs with advanced storage efficiencies.


For information on how to work with Cloud Manager, see the NetApp documentation topic Getting Started with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP from Google Cloud.


Google does not offer support for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. To get support, click the Support tab in Cloud Volumes ONTAP and review your support options.